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Being the first importer of containerized sugar into Sub Sahara Africa back in 1998 Chris Engelbrecht the Managing Director of Super Syrups and Chairman of the Association of Southern Africa Sugar Importers with some of the best international sugar trading ties, decided to produce and supply inverted liquid sugar to the Western Cape Food Industry.

Super Syrups started in 2012 with a clear vision of supplying Inverted Liquid Sugar as an alternative to granulated sugar based on the fact that the manufacturer of sugar containing products could save up to15% on sugar usage due to the sweeter profile of Inverted Liquid Sugar. Savings on sugar handling and faster production turnaround time, no crystallization and smoother textures of final products are just some of the advantages that motivated customers to start using our Inverted Liquid Sugar.

In 2012 the production facility had a capacity of 5000liters per day. In 2016 that capacity is being produced in half an hour at the Cape Town plant.

We are FSSC 22000 certified by SABS.


is sucrose broken down into its component parts of glucose and fructose by means of inversion and up to 15% sweeter than crystalized sugar.


  • Increases the shelf life of the products
  • Consistent colour and quality with lower Ash content
  • Increases sweetness with less carbohydrate intake than granulated sugar
  • Helps retain moisture and prolong freshness
  • Less baking time and lower temperature
  • Minimize crystallization even in low temperatures - increase smoothness
  • Inhibits microbial growth and acts as a more effective preservative
  • Enhance flavours in products, whether natural or artificial flavours

  • Liquid sugar can be delivered at 40℃ c - 50℃ c, which reduces heating costs and time
  • Reduces storage space with a notable decrease in sugar losses due to breakages of bags and pallets
  • Secure and sealed containers - reduces contamination risk
  • Less labour intensive handling and reduced contamination risks - allows for effective inline closed circuit production
  • More cost effective to automate sugar addition to the production process
  • High viscosity that improves the binding of ingredients such as in cereal bars
  • 100 micron final filter - no more sieving of sugar to eliminate lumps, cotton strings or wood splinters
  • No more black specs in sugar

  • Products and Usages

    1:1 Natural

    We have combined the cost and quality advantages of our inverted liquid sugar with specialized sweetness solutions to develop an elegant solution that gives cost reductions while maintaining a clean label with natural sweetness.
    There are no artificial sweeteners in this product and very simple to use.
    1kg 1:1 Natural = 1 Kg of sugar
    You have an immediate 25% saving on sugar usage with no after taste.

    saving on sugar usage

    4 Brix Solution

    This is the ultimate solution for the beverage industry to reduce the sugar tax burden that was placed upon them.
    No need to struggle with sweetening formulations, just add water and your secret flavours.
    We have used a combination of non-nutritive sweeteners and flavour combined with our Inverted Liquid sugar.
    This is a 67% reduction on the final Brix of a consumable beverage, based on a beverage that tastes like 12Brix but only measures 4Brix.

    Reduction on the final Brix

    Invertex 68

    A medium invert syrup with 68% sugar and 32 % water. Largely used in the fruit juice, carbonated beverage, alcoholic beverage industry and frozen fruits. Invertex is also used as a binding agent in the agricultural industry.



    A more viscous medium inverted syrup with 75% sugar and 25% water. COT-75 is preferred in products that require less water.


    Industries where COT-75 is mainly used are:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Confectionery
  • Ice cream and dairy products
  • Patisserie and bakery products
  • Fruit Toppings and Concentrates
  • Cooking and glazing sauces

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